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    Tools of Terror: Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) (2 day course) Brief Overview : The ever-present reality and paradigm shift of domestic extremist-rooted terrorism has led to the realization that violence and mass casualty attacks will continue with greater frequency and success unless mitigating measures are taken. In particular, Responders must recognize, mitigate, respond to and recover from terror incidents involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as a high probability threat. Available In-House at your agency or company  
    Protective Services Detail (2 day course) Brief Overview : “Protective Services Detail” or “PSD” is also often referred to as: Personnel Security Detail, Personal Security Detail or Protective Security Detail. PSD’s are a protective team assigned to protect the security of an individual or group. PSD’s are typically made up of military personnel, private security contractors, or law enforcement agents. Conducting Protective Services Detail (PSD) missions requires understanding by all members involved in the operation. This includes the executives committing to the contract, the contract managers, field operators and even the client.  
    Surveillance & Surveillance Detection (4 day course) Brief Overview : This course is designed to thoroughly present the fundamentals of physical (human) surveillance and surveillance detection, the key elements for anti-terrorism and crime prevention. The ability to understand the mechanics of conducting effective surveillance and defensive surveillance detection is crucial to effective law enforcement, counterterrorism and facility or personal protection. This course explores various methods used to detect physical (human) surveillance as opposed to detection of technical surveillance (electronic). It is designed to examine the methods used by criminals and terrorist groups or individuals as they go about their intelligence collection activities (surveillance).  
    Workplace Violence Prevention…it’s the law! (2 day course) Brief Overview:Bullying, intimidation, hostility, and harassment of any kind are all precursors to potential violence. A workplace violence perpetrator has demonstrable behaviors prior to becoming violent...that are many times ignored or not recognized. Because of this, courts and law makers around the world are quickly passing laws making employers and those who do not recognize or do something about these people liable for the negative actions of others.