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Contracting & Acquisition

gsa1 Federal Appropriations Law
Emergency Contracting
jcgisr FAR* Immersion
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fhwa COR 40hrs - Level II Certification
A&E Construction Contracting
CDC Types of Contracts
FAR* Immersion
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naval FAR*Immersion Library Congress FAR*Immersion
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USAF Federal Appropriations Law (5 Days) IRS

Adv Contract Mgmt

Cost Estimating

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USDeptLabor Federal Appropriations Law (5 Days) USAF logo Cost Estimating 
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nps FAR*Immersion fda logo
Food & Drug Administration
COR 40hrs - Level II Certification
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Dept of Interior COR 40hrs - Level II Certification
US DeptOfVeteransAffairs Seal FAR*Immersion
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US Dept Of Education Seal Audits & Internal Controls, Performance Based Contracting
Migrating CP Contracts to FP
Intro to FAR
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Federal Appropriations Law
(5 Days)

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dhhs FAR* Immersion
Federal Appropriations Law

Independent Government Cost Estimating

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USDA Fish & Wildlife Service
Construction Contracting – Surety Bonds
U.S. Department of the Interior
National Business Center
Contract Law for Non-Lawyers (Contract Law for PM’s)
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gsa logo1
GSA Federal Buildings
Contractor Overhead
Construction Terminology for Contracting & Program Managers
COR 40hrs - Level II Certification
Simplified Acquisitions
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NRCS logo1
Federal Appropriations Law (5 Days)
Federal Appropriations Law
(5 days)
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Contract Law for Program & Project Managers fda_logo COR 40hrs - Level II Certification
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Agency Management, HR, Leadership & Diversity

DOE Capital Planning
DoD Uniformed Services
University of the Health Sciences
Workplace Violence
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U.S. Territory
Northern Mariana Islands
Grant Writing
MoDOT logo1
Missouri Department of Transportation
Workplace Violence
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Workplace Violence, Diversity, Management Training
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Capitol Hill Workshop
Adverse Actions & Performance Based Actions
Federal Performance Management
Federal HR Resources Management
Federal Workforce Analysis & Planning
Adjudicating & Applying Veterans Preference
Family Medical Leave Act - FMLA
Federal Labor Standards
Basic Pay Setting
Advanced Pay Setting
Basic Staffing and Placement
Developing Performance Standards
Human Capital Management
Qualifications Job Analysis
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mhs logo OSD Health Affairs – TRICARE Management Activity – Workplace Violence    

Intelligence & Physical Security

ATIC logo
Advanced Technical Intelligence Center
Intro to Intelligence Analysis dhs signature Intelligence Analysis 
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Coral Spring Police
Coral Springs Police Department
CARVER Risk Assessment cattragous county CARVER Risk Assessment
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Riverside city logo Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Training Pfizer1 Intelligence Analysis & Reporting
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Mohave County az seal Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Training & Workplace Violence DHS Two training/support tasks supporting DHS intelligence offices.
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