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Administrative Officers Workshop Agenda Brief Overview: Learn what is expected of an administrative officer and what it takes to excel and stay ahead of ever-changing priorities.  This fast moving class is taught with the GTI developed Active*Learn training methodology and presents a practical look at the functions of the administrative officer, including the roles of information broker, communications expert, office manager, change agent, budget analyst, and acquisition specialist. Topics of current interest, such as new human resources practices and federal performance management covered.  
Budget Strategies in a Downsizing Environment Brief Overview: This course combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and case studies to address the ways in which new deficit reduction targets are changing the rules for budgeting. This will enable government agencies to discover effective techniques to formulate, defend and execute an operating budget in the new funding environment. 
Budget Reviews: Presenting and Defending a Budget Request Brief Overview: The Budget of the United States is a complex financial plan that is broad in scope and detailed in content. The Federal government’s budget involves the Congress, the President, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Federal Agencies. Given the scope and size of the federal budget, it is no wonder that the process is in reality a number of budget processes.   
Capitol Hill Workshop Brief Overview: This course provides the Capitol Hill experience focusing on the policy-making process and the legislative agenda, helps to understand the congressional budget process, and the culture of U.S. Congress.   
Communicating Up! - Presentation of Analysis, Briefings and Reports
In support to Executive Decision-Making
Brief Overview: Executive briefings and reports should be tailored to the unique needs of the recipient decision makers. In both private and public sector organizations, senior managers – much like intelligence consumers at senior levels of national security entities – need analytical and support products that address real problems, focus on future events, begin with conclusions, and contain only necessary information.  
Developing the Professional Security Manager Brief Overview: A comprehensive security training program designed to provide baseline knowledge of identity and access control management solutions, security systems and procedures. The course includes conceptual security considerations, vulnerabilities assessments, and familiarization with software, hardware and procedures.  
Intro to the Federal Budget - Budget Basics Training Workshop Brief Overview: This course combines lectures, discussions, group exercises, and case studies to familiarize students with formulating, executing and analyzing government budgets. This will enable government agencies to meet government accountability and to improve budget performance. Performance measurement is a key component of performance-based budgeting. Therefore, the course presents basic concepts to building and analyzing budget metrics  
Organizing, Packaging, and Delivering Effective Presentations Brief Overview: Audiences judge presenters even before they begin to speak, and they continue to evaluate throughout the entire presentation. Most speakers concentrate almost exclusively on the words they deliver, but audiences concentrate on how those words are delivered, sequenced, described, illustrated, and emphasized. When a speaker doesn’t support his words with his delivery skills, the impact of the message is weakened – or in worst case – lost.