Book Review: CARVER + Shock Vulnerability
Assessment Tool
A Six Step Approach to Conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments on Critical Infrastructure

Recent Reader Comments:

"What a refreshing handbook. No fluff. Crisp. To the point. No nonsense. Tells me what to do, gives me the tools and process to accomplish the assessment and points out the traps to avoid. We need more handbooks like this."

"We used your book as the baseline for our county infrastructure assessments. Using your book, everyone was working with the same process and tools. Made the effort move along and gave us the confidence that we got it right, and helped us sell our findings to the county management team. Thanks. Good job."

"Easy to read. Good tool."

CARVER has served as the standard for security vulnerability assessments for many years but it has now morphed into an even more useful tool that can be used to help protect almost any critical infrastructure.

This new no-nonsense handbook provides the security professional with background on CARVER, one of its very successful morphs into CARVER + Shock and then demonstrates how these methodologies can be applied and adapted to meet today’s specific needs to protect both hard and soft targets.

It provides an easy to follow six-step process that can be utilized by both experienced security experts and novices involved with their first vulnerability assessment. At each stage of the assessment, the reader is provided with checklists, best practices, and useful real-life scenarios. When the reader is satisfied that everything has been done that needs to be done in order to complete a particular step the book leads on to the next one. By the time readers complete step six, they can be assured that a best practice risk vulnerability assessment will be in place.

The book instructs on how to conduct risk-based analysis, system characterization and all perils assessment - all necessary prerequisites before moving on to developing the threat assessment, conducting the security assessment and mitigating the risk.

At each stage detailed examples are given of the methodology in action in areas such as energy, agriculture, transportation and buildings. The book contains more than 30 unique charts, tables and checklists all designed to ensure that today’s busy security professionals stay on track and use all best practices.

If you are a security professional – whether a seasoned expert or new to the industry - this is a practical, hands-on how-to guide that you cannot afford to be without.


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