The Integrated Physical Security Handbook II
Second Edition
(5-Step Process to Assess and Secure Critical Infrastructure From All Hazards Threats)

By Shuki Einstein and Don Philpott
Published by Government Training Inc. ™

The Integrated Physical Security Handbook has become the recognized manual for commercial and government building and facility security managers responsible for developing security plans based on estimated risks and threats -- natural or terrorist. This new and much expanded edition provides even more tools to effectively manage change and incorporates latest techniques and lessons learned.

Using an easy to follow five step process the Handbook explains how to conduct crucial risk and threat assessments, the basis for all physical security planning. However, it also incorporates a methodology to ensure that the core business function of the facility is not adversely impacted making it a comprehensive integrated physical security program.

Using checklists and standard practices, it provides a hands-on, how-to guide that leads you in a user-friendly way through all the steps and processes needed to evaluate, design and implement an effective integrated physical security system. The book was produced under the leadership of the Government Training Inc. and written by a team of nationally recognized A&E and security experts.

This new edition covers a number of additional areas including convergence of systems, building modeling, emergency procedures, privacy issues, cloud computing, shelters and safe areas and disaster planning. There is also a comprehensive glossary as well as access to a dedicated website at that provides purchasers of the book an on-line library of over 300 pages of additional reference materials.

The first edition was bought by corporations and government agencies worldwide and ASIS International in its five-star review said, "This is an excellent textbook for novice security managers and a great desk reference for industry veterans." This new, expanded and updated edition makes it an even more invaluable resource.

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* Print version of the The Integrated Physical Security Handbook II
* Unlimited password access to the Reference Library


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