(The Roles of the Administrative Officer)

Three days – 24 CLPS

Administrative Officers Workshop is an off the shelf training course with established, proven and current content

Upon contract award, the GTI instructor for this important training will discuss with the client learning objectives and any special topics of interest which the instructor will use in the final presentation.


Since most administrative officers are generalists, they require proficiency in many aspects of management. General management skills (planning, communication, leadership and the development of collaborative relationships are the paramount requirements.

Learn what is expected of an administrative officer and what it takes to excel and stay ahead of ever-changing priorities.  This fast moving class is taught with the GTI developed Active*Learn training methodology and presents a practical look at the functions of the administrative officer, including the roles of information broker, communications expert, office manager, change agent, budget analyst, and acquisition specialist. Topics of current interest, such as new human resources practices and federal performance management covered.

  • Overview of the roles, duties, responsibilities of the Administrative Officer
    • Most common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • Evolving functions – what to expect next
  • Understanding and Leading Change
    • Coaching and Guiding
    • Managing meetings
  • An Overview of the Federal Budget Process and Size
  • Federal Acquisition: the Legal Basis for Contracting
    • Serving as a project manager
  • Meeting Leadership and Group Problem Solving
  • Personal Time Management
  • Guidelines for Data Analysis
  • Personal Communications, Presentations and One-On-One Listening
  • Scheduling: Using Project Management Tools
    • Analyzing schedules – Recognizing program risk
  • Current Federal Human Resources Management Issues
  • Federal Performance Management Issues and Concerns

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