Developing the Professional Security Manager

(5 days, 40 hours course)

This course is available for On-Site Training only. We will bring this course to your agency or company.
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About this course

A comprehensive security training program designed to provide baseline knowledge of identity and access control management solutions, security systems and procedures. The course includes conceptual security considerations, vulnerabilities assessments, and familiarization with software, hardware and procedures. Includes the use of Digital Certificates, PKI, Commercial Security Managers, and disaster recovery. Installation and operation methodologies and examined in detail. (The text just here is the text for the page with all courses listed. Also forms part of the full page for the course.)

Final course content may be developed to showcase and train on a specific security application such as ENTRUST, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, VMware, Computer Associates, McAfee.

Training Methodology – Active*Learn ™

This course is taught using our Active*Learn ™ training model. Consists of fast-paced learning, break-out sessions, team assignments, learn by doing. We have used this approach for over a year with superb student evaluations. This approach not only brings the learning to the student, but the student to the learning though break-out sessions, targeted problem solving using the FAR, team assignments and an active and interactive classroom environment. No one sleeps in these classes. The students learn by doing and enjoy the experience.

The course is taught by knowledgeable, highly skilled instructors who have a wealth of practical experience and know how-to present complex material in an easily understandable manner. The course covers the full life-cycle of Contracting from Contract Planning through Contract Management and Closeout.

The training utilizes the spectrum of instructional methods, to include lecture, discussion, group work with security case studies and scenarios, handouts and student handbook. GTI instructors have been trained on the GTI Active*Learn ™ training methodology.

Quizzes will be used on a daily basis to measure student mastery and comprehension. The first day of class will utilize a “Security Hot Topics List” which will list the student’s issues, concerns, and topics of priority interest to be covered in the course. This list will be reviewed and updated throughout the training. Upon completion of the course topics and prior to the survey and graduation, the Security Hot Topics List will be re-visited to assure complete coverage has occurred

Course Topics

  • Security concepts
  • Digital Certificates
  • PKI
  • Security Managers
  • Installation and set-up strategies
  • Control Shells
  • Creating Users
  • Managing the User thru the Life Cycle
  • Key Management
  • Rules and Permissions
  • Certifications
  • Continuity of Government
  • Installation and Operation
  • Most common mistakes made and how to avoid

Presentation of analysis