Book Review: The COR Level III Guidebook

Issues and Challenges Facing Level III Contracting Officers’ Representatives (COR)

Strengthening the acquisition workforce is critical to ensuring that the government gets the best value for the more than $500 billion of goods and services it procures annually. Each member of the acquisition workforce plays a critical role, including Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), who ensure that contractors meet the commitments of their contracts.

CORs are often the first to recognize when a program or contract is under-performing, and are increasingly being asked to manage high-value, complex contracts that involve varying degrees of risk. Because of this, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) acknowledged the need for varying levels of competency among CORs in its September 6, 2011, directive by designating three levels of CORs.

CORs at any level must provide effective technical direction without overstepping their specifically delegated authority from the Contracting Officer. Moreover, they must be familiar with applicable acquisition laws, regulations and policies to a level of competence similar to Contract Specialists and other acquisition professionals. Finally, CORs must conduct business in accordance with applicable regulations and guidelines to behave in an ethical manner.

Level III CORs will deal with each agency’s most complex and mission critical contracts that require a significant acquisition investment and they are expected to be recruited from the most experienced CORs already working within an agency.

This new and timely guidebook takes an in-depth look at all the major issues which Level III CORs may deal with as part of that significant acquisition investment. It focuses on the challenges a more experienced Level III COR may have to address during his or her appointment and covers the practical application of contracting acquisition and principles.

The book describes in detail every step of the acquisition process – from pre-award to acceptance - as well as the special responsibilities and requirements for new Level III CORs. It provides work plans and checklists, best practices and real-life case studies.

The concept of best value, performance-based service contracting and technical direction vs contract changes are discussed in detail. There are also chapters on getting tough – what to do when things start to go wrong – and rating contractor performance. Earned value management and leading IPTs are covered and reflect the OMB directive issued in September, 2011.

Level III CORs have enormous responsibilities managing highly complex and often multi-billion dollar contracts. For all those charged with those responsibilities - or aspiring to - and for all those in senior federal management positions responsible for overseeing the acquisition process, this is a must-read book.

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