Contract / Program Management Courses

Contract / Program Mgmt

Training and consulting to facilitate government agencies to more effectively deliver equipment, services, and supplies that meet the needs of the agency through proven policy, practices, guidance and oversight while being positive stewards of the taxpayers money. Topics include program management, performance based contracting. COR practices and function, best value contracting and more …
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Financial / Fiscal Mgmt

The federal government has made substantial progress in improving financial management activities and practices. Federal financial systems requirements have been developed, and internal control has been strengthened. However, the GAO reports that six principal challenges to fully realizing strong federal financial management remain ...
Physical  Security Courses

Physical Security

Security Training & Consulting to address Homeland Security & Defense, all hazards defense and response. Includes: Emergency preparedness & response, Intelligence and intelligence sharing, Critical infrastructure protection, Border and transportation security, Biodefense Cyber security ...
Intelligence Best Practices

Intelligence Best Practices

The Center for Intelligence Best Practices provides law enforcement, regional and state fusion centers, and federal, state and local homeland security agencies with best practices developed over many years at the national intelligence level. There has been an increasing use of highly sensitive data, reports and national intelligence by these non-intelligence agencies at federal, state and local level.

Federal Acquisition Regulation

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