Types of Contracts

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Course Description

Students will receive an overview of the contract types most frequently used in federal contracting, as well as the basic principles and limitations governing their use.

Course Objectives

After successful completion of this training course, the student will be able to:
  • Describe why the FAR has so many different types of contracts
  • When each type is appropriate for use
  • Select the appropriate type of contract for a particular acquisition

Major topics help participants

  • Introduction to Types of Contracts
  • Fixed-Price Contracts
  • Cost-Reimbursement Contracts
  • Incentive Contracts
  • Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
  • Time and Materials, Labor Hour, and Letter Contracts
  • Multi-Year and Option Contracts
  • Other Purchasing Arrangements

Partial List of Take Aways

  • Checklists to help decide contract type
  • Recent legal and administrative changes
  • How to keep the performance risk mostly on the contractor

Example Attendees Include

  • Program/Project Management Personnel
  • Contracting Officers
  • CORs and COTRs
  • Procurement Specialists/Analysts
  • Financial Managers

Course Highlights

  • Focused interactive discussion of contract types
  • Practical exercises – learn by doing
  • All courses taught in our professionally equipped training center with ergonomic seating.