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About this Handbook: The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 2 Handbook Set: Desk Reference

"Ralph, Just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the class last week, and that I’ve used my new “green Handbooks” (refers to the FAR now published by Government Training Inc with solid green covers) nearly every day since I’ve been back. They really are easier to read than the smaller versions. I appreciate the experience you were able to bring to the class. The title of the course is very appropriate!"
(USAF attendee at our January FAR*Immersion ™ Training Course)

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the governing set of rules that control purchase and sale of over $400 billion worth of supplies, services, and construction each year by federal and state procurement offices. This important document is comprehensive, complex, and evolving.

All government contract professionals involved in a FAR-based procurement must have a detailed working knowledge of the FAR to ensure that they are entering into the best possible contract, legally binding and are in full compliance with all applicable laws. This product incorporates recent changes and facilitates easy access to all FAR parts with a clear and comprehensive table of contents and reference section.

This two volume set is designed for ease of use and transport. Both volumes (Volume 1 and 2) include a full Table of Contents and reference matrix to facilitate look ups and research. Paper choice was selected to allow marking and highlighting without serious bleed-thru – an important ease of use feature.

Purchase includes the Federal Acquisition Regulation in 2 volumes, 8 ½ by 11. Provided in downloadable and searchable format are the FAR Matrix in HTML and PDF formats, all Standard forms in PDF Format and OMB Paperwork Reduction Act references in PDF Format. By providing this content electronically, we were able to save over 230 print pages – conserving natural resources and keep bulk to a minimum and providing the full set of regulations.

Government Training Inc will publish the FAR two times a year – January and July with distribution in February and August.

Question: What is different about the Government Training Inc FAR Handbook versus other FAR Handbooks?

Answer: We removed from the print version the following information and make this info available for electronic download in a searchable format:

- FAR Matrix
- Images of Standard Forms
- List of OMB Paperwork Reduction references

(These items saved us over 230 pages of bulk)

ALL regulations remain unchanged AND current as of 12 Jan 2011.

We added to each volume the FULL table of contents and index to facilitate searching.

No other changes.

Reader Comments and Reviews:

- I am a consummate margin note writer. The paper doesn’t bleed thru and there is room for my notes. Very handy design.

- I spend 95% of my time in the FAR in one section. When I travel, I only have to take that volume that I need. On travel, when I occasionally need the other volume, I get it on line. Thanks. You have saved me several pounds of weight.

- I spend a lot of time in the FAR. When I do, any version with small type is tiring and very difficult to read. Your font and layout are very comfortable and easy to read. Great job! Thanks.


Federal, DoD, State,Local Government
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U.S. Corporate and NGO
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