Book Review: Telework How To Telecommute Successfully

Millions of people go to work every day without ever leaving their homes. They are part of a growing army of teleworkers in both the private and public sector. The advantages of teleworking are obvious – no more commuting, more flexibility in getting the job done, and arranging schedules to suit you and your family and so on. There are also proven benefits for employers – less office space to pay for, increased productivity and the ability to carry on functioning during a natural or man-made disaster even if head office is forced to shut down. If you think you can do your job from home without being distracted, then teleworking could be right for you – and it is certainly worth considering.

This book spells out all the positives – and the negatives –and with the use of checklists and questionnaires will help you reach the right decision. While the book is aimed at people considering telecommuting it is also relevant to employers who have to decide if workers should go this route and if so, how best to manage them. The book answers all the questions a prospective teleworker might have, from “is it right for me? And “how do I get a job telecommuting?” to safety in the home office and balancing work and play. There are checklists to test whether your job is appropriate for teleworking and more important, whether you are a suitable candidate.

Telecommuting is not for everyone and some jobs can’t be performed from home. However, if you have answered all the questions posed in the book and you are sure that you could do your job from home there are chapters on how to persuade your employer that teleworking is right for you and good for the organization. There are also detailed sections on countering isolation if you live alone or coping with work and a family or caring for a dependent. The book also covers other important issues associated with teleworking such as your legal rights, insurance, IT security and samples of corporate telework policies and agreements. Teleworking is the way of the future. Millions already do it and over the next few years millions more will join their ranks. If you have ever thought about telecommuting, this is the must-have book to ensure you make the right decisions in order to become a successful, productive and happy teleworker. Introduction

  • Step 1. Is Telecommuting Right for Me?
  • Step 2. How do I get a job Telecommuting?
  • Step 3. Combining Work and Family
  • Step 4. The Home Office
  • Step 5: Working at Home
  • Appendix 1. Countering Management Doubts and Concerns
  • Appendix 2. Teleworking and IT Security
  • Appendix 3. Remote Access Method
  • Appendix 4. Legal Rights of Teleworker
  • Appendix 5. Safety and Working from Home
  • Appendix 6. Samples of Teleworking Policies


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