Small Business Contracting Handbook
Small Business Contracting
(A Guide to Small Businesses Entering Government Contracting)

Hints – Tips – Five Step Process – Checklists

By Wendi Oliveros & Don Philpott
Published by Government Training Inc. ™

Small Business Contracting is the ‘must-have’ manual for all small businesses wanting to do business with the federal government. It is a complete desk top reference packed with practical how-to information on navigating through the complex federal contracting process.

If you have never done business with the federal government before the manual leads you through an easy to understand five-step process of what to do and how to do it in order to maximize your chances for a successful contract bid. If you already do business with the federal government, the manual is packed with tips and hints, best practices and case studies to help you improve your outcomes.

Small Business Contracting explains the contracting process and the jargon, the different sorts of contracts and the special requirements that govern each of them. There are sections on developing marketing materials and identifying contract opportunities and how to write winning proposals. There is also a section on additional tools that you can use to give you an edge over the competition.

Each step is clearly explained with checklists, examples and lessons learned so that by the end of the manual you will not only understand the contracting process you will know what to do to make your bid stand out from the rest.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Step One. Learn the processes and terms
    Small Business 101
  • Chapter 2: Step Two
    Contracts and Subcontracts
  • Chapter 3: Step Three
    Develop Marketing Materials and Identify Opportunities
  • Chapter 4: Step Four
    Prepare the Proposal
  • Chapter 5: Step Five
    Study Additional Tools and Past Performance
  • Chapter 6: GSA FSS/Schedules
  • Chapter 7: Freedom of Information Act
  • Chapter 8: Lessons Learned/Helpful Hints
  • Hints from Small Business Specialists, Best practices from successful small businesses

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