Qualification Analysis, Job Analysis, KSA Examining

(3 day course)

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Course Description

A 3-day course preparing HR Specialists to analyze jobs and their requirements for a variety of occupations, and to apply the legal and regulatory requirements of the OPM Qualification Standards Handbook, to these occupations.


Participants gain knowledge to evaluate federal job applicants and assess the relative qualifications of job candidates. In addition, each learns the techniques and methods to analyze jobs to identify appropriate job requirements (knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or competencies), write better vacancy announcements, and comply with both the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM’s) requirements and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures’. Participants also craft assessment statements/writings to measure applicants' abilities, and rate, and rank, candidates using the USA Staffing process.


After completing this 3-day training, participants receive an/a:
  • Overview of conducting job analyses
  • Hands-on practice conducting an effective job analysis, consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, that identifies the major duties of a position
  • Developing assessment plans for merit promotion / DEU using the USA Staffing approach
  • Overview of Category Rating and development of crediting plans using the Category Rating methodology
  • Evaluation and crediting experience, both general and specialized, for a variety of occupations
  • Evaluate and credit education and combinations
  • Practice determining whether applicants meet eligibility and minimum qualification requirements
  • Practice assessing specialized experience
  • Experience assessing eligibility for a variety of occupational series, both under merit promotion and DEU
  • Overview of time-in-grade restriction under merit promotion