Purchase Card Buys

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This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

This training workshop is recommended for 16 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) toward DAWIA, FAC-C and FAC-P/PM requirements. For information on fulfilling core, elective and continuous learning requirements, Click here to view OMB Policy Letter.

Course Description

With the increasing pressure on the federal government to make purchasing more accountable, a growing response has been to enlist the support of PC Holders. These persons are being asked to do a wider array of micro-purchase buying. Specific topics include: a. the stakeholders’ responsibilities; b. the processes and statutes; c. automated support functions; and d. productive connections to the financial management system, procurement policies and regulations, ethical behavior, and emerging buying options to using the Card. This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

Major topics help participants

  • Learn the purchasing skills needed to use the Purchase Card (PC)
  • Be better able to know what to buy and when to buy
  • Realize that a team is necessary for using the Card well, who the various stakeholders are and what are their roles and responsibilities
  • Practice means of buying & reconciling Statements including Disputes
  • Know what unauthorized commitments are and how to handle them
  • Raise ethical awareness in performing duties

Example Attendees Include

  • Program/Project Management Personnel
  • Contracting Officers
  • CORs and COTRs
  • Procurement Specialists/Analysts
  • Financial Managers

Course Highlights

  • List of spending traps to avoid
  • Practical exercises – learn by doing
  • All courses taught in our professionally equipped training center with ergonomic seating.

Partial List of Take Aways:

  • Have clear templates for easy use in doing purchases
  • Know the dos and don’ts in using the Purchase Card
  • Have Case Studies show the value in planning purchases well
  • Show how current trends can increase the value of using the Purchase Card
  • Be clear about both buying and organizational mistakes to avoid
  • Practice handling a gamut of PC issues