Procurement Ethics

2 Days – 16 CLPs
Active Learning Environment

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This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

This training workshop is recommended for 16 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) toward DAWIA, FAC-C and FAC-P/PM requirements. For information on fulfilling core, elective and continuous learning requirements, Click here to view OMB Policy Letter.

Course Description

Fraud, waste, and abuse have been in the public eye for decades in relation to federal procurement. Now, however, the issue is not whether, but how can these areas be dealt with more successfully and responsibility than in the past. This two-day seminar's thrust is to raise some mind-tickling questions and answers to these concerns. Students will be exposed to a gamut of ethical situations currently effecting contracting. They will be asked to use a problem-solving approach (especially designed for this course) to discover viable means of handling each situation. Such "practice" will then carry over to the workplace. Also, each participant will be exposed to the current regulations, guidelines, and procedures affecting ethical behavior in federal contracting. Appendices will become handy reference sources for who to go to and what not to do. This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

Major topics help participants

  • Understand why this subject has become a major area of contracting concern
  • Describe various indicators of ethical wrong-doing
  • Present situations designed to increase awareness and responsibility in discovering and handling ethical concerns
  • Discuss and demonstrate ways of resolving ethical concerns and identify the implications for future federal contracting

Partial List of Take Aways

  • How to handle ethical situations before they become “showstoppers”
  • Recent case examples of smart responses to ethical situations
  • Know how to handle everyday ethical concerns with internal or external stakeholders
  • Checklists for navigating the current ethical environment
  • Avoid false distinctions between a “code of conduct” and a ”code of compliance”

Example Attendees Include

  • Program/Project Management Personnel
  • Contracting Officers
  • CORs and COTRs
  • Procurement Specialists/Analysts
  • Financial Managers

Course Syllabus

Description: This course reinforces the most important legal ethics standards governing interaction between government personnel and contractors. Areas addressed include
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gratuities from contractors
  • The Procurement Integrity Act;
  • Job-hunting for a position with private industry while still employed with the federal government
  • Restrictions on 'post-government employment of a former federal employee or officer
  • Ethical problems that can arise when both government and contractor personnel work in common spaces on common goals as a single 'team'.
  • Typical ethics issues in contract management
The training is live situational immersion. The student will be 'put in the shoes' of the government employee facing an ethical dilemma and to deduce an ethically correct way to resolve the problem.

Course Highlights

  • List of spending traps to avoid
  • Practical exercises – learn by doing
  • All courses taught in our professionally equipped training center with ergonomic seating.