Performance Appraisal Magic
Transforming Ho-Hum Performers into Top Talent

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About this course

When you hear the words “performance appraisal” do they make you want to yawn, tremble, or flee? Often supervisors and managers dread giving appraisals every bit as much as staffers fear receiving them. The repercussions of an anger-provoking performance appraisal can lead to retaliatory actions, and decreased performance on the part of the disgruntled employee. This can leave the manager feeling punished for their hard work in preparing and delivering a comprehensive evaluation of their subordinate’s work. If this mindset exists in your workplace, you can reverse this downward trend by creating an “incubator for talent” in your work domain.

Performance appraisal is an opportunity for line staff and leadership to come together in an intimate conspiracy that inspires performance excellence. In this era of “coaching” mania, today’s up and coming professional is willing to pay out of pocket for a competent life coach, or talent coach. Why make your staffers part with their hard earned money when performance appraisal is available as a workplace benefit, and can provide much the same developmental value as an expensive “talent coach?” Attend this workshop to learn how to make the performance appraisal process a high value experience for both the appraiser and the appraised.

Major topics

  • Deliver performance appraisals that will compel employees to want to achieve top performance.
  • Generate a talent supporting culture where managers and staff look forward to the appraisal event with enthusiasm and eagerness.
  • Create a performance management system that cultivates and inspires top performance through talent coaching approaches.
  • Prevent pitfalls and paybacks associated with adversarial appraisal approaches.

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors, managers, & administrators
  • HR personnel
  • Anyone who wants to prepare for a management or supervisory position

Course Highlights

  • Greatest obstacles to performance promoting appraisals
  • Best benefits of comprehensive appraisal
  • The performance appraisal cycle
  • Guidance for planning performance feedback
  • Pros & Cons of “Appraisal Events, 360 Panoramas and Reciprocal Reviews”
  • Is there really such thing as an “objective” appraisal?
  • Designing performance standards to clarify expectations
  • Milestones and benchmarks in talent development
  • Surfacing performance data: Observation, critical incidents, self-appraisal & written records inspection
  • Sample words and phrases to describe merits & deficits
  • The difference between “Don’t know” and “Don’t care”
  • The Performance Analysis Checklist
  • Coaching & mentoring tips to perfect performance