Negotiating Techniques

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This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

This training workshop is recommended for 24 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) toward DAWIA, FAC-C and FAC-P/PM requirements. For information on fulfilling core, elective and continuous learning requirements, Click here to view OMB Policy Letter.

Course Description

Acquisition professionals use negotiation not only in the contracts setting, but in technical management, personnel and internal management, and interpersonal issues. The ability to communicate across organizational lines is a skill that is crucial to successful collaborative management necessary in today’s acquisition environment. This three-day seminar teaches not only the basic principles and techniques of negotiation, but shows participants how to apply these skills to various situations through lecture, case study, role-play, and hands-on exercises. Each participant will experience what it takes to prepare for and conduct a negotiation with another party and will have the opportunity to observe and critique the substance and style of negotiating sessions. This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

Major topics help participants

  • Increase insight and capability in successfully negotiating with contractors for competitive and noncompetitive new buys, task orders, changes and termination
  • Learn strategies & tactics to more strongly communicate in a negotiating context
  • Engage in several negotiating role-plays in taking the government’s position or the contractor’s position or as an observer
  • Critique the substance and style of negotiating sessions and case studies
  • Be better able to represent and sustain your interests in future negotiating instances

Partial List of Take Aways

  • Learn how negotiating differs in the federal context then elsewhere
  • Practice effective strategies and tactics toward stronger negotiating success
  • Receive negotiating checklists to prepare, communicate, follow up and follow through with in any acquisition instance
  • Learn the negotiating dead ends and how to avoid them
  • Using actual case studies, foster a better understanding of each stakeholder’s negotiating perspectives
  • Use lessons learned beyond the acquisition context

Example Attendees Include

  • Program/Project Management Personnel
  • Contracting Officers
  • CORs and COTRs
  • Procurement Specialists/Analysts
  • Financial Managers