Moving the Organization to A Culture of Diversity

Six Overlooked Keys to Overcome Today’s Diversity Challenges

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About this course

Discrimination claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission jumped 15 percent in fiscal 2008 to 95,402 — the highest level since the agency opened in 1965. Perceptions of ageism, sexism, religious discrimination, racism, and failure to accommodate disability are the basis for these claims. Forecasts predict that this number will rise to over 100,000 claims in fiscal 2009. What is the impetus for this rise? The recession, a polarized America, a resentment of political correctness, a true rise in discriminatory practices, or a combination of these factors may be to blame. Whatever the cause, it is certain that more workers feel less valued by their organizations now than in the previous decade.

Is it time to open a dialog in your organization to promote inclusion, dispel biased thinking and behavior, and build work teams that fully capitalize on the skills, knowledge, abilities and awareness of all employees? If so, join us in this thought-provoking workshop designed to evolve the culture of your organization towards universal opportunity.

Major Topics

  • Examine the root causes of discriminatory behavior and discrimination claims in the workplace and address injustice wherever it is found in the organization.
  • Answer the hard questions that arise in a multicultural work environment.
  • Create and sustain an organizational culture that drives inclusion from recruitment to retirement.
  • Target recruitment and onboarding activities that promote “viewpoint diversity” in the federal workplace.
  • Empower supervisors to manage staff performance effectively and leverage “solution diversity” within work teams.
  • Implement “universal organizational design” to institutionalize inclusion.

Who Should Attend

  • Organizational Leaders and Policy Makers
  • HR Professionals
  • Middle Managers and Line Supervisors
  • EEO Officers
  • Anyone interested in leveraging workplace diversity

Leave this course with the following take-aways

  • The Subconscious Behavior Guide, a model that explains the impetus for discriminatory thinking and behavior.
  • A list of culturally sensitive interviewing questions to use in hiring, onboarding and team building.
  • Q & A of difficult questions and issues that arise in a multicultural workplace.
  • Gap Analysis Assessments to measure your organization against state-of-the-art diversity standards.
  • Checklist to assure your organization’s policies and design are diversity friendly.
  • Pros and cons sheet regarding “solution diversity.”
  • Best practices of the six top federal agencies for diversity