Job Analysis and Competency Assessment

(3 day course)

Note: Suggested topics listed below. Course can be tailored to address specific GSA classification issues.

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Learn how to analyze federal jobs so you can identify appropriate job requirements (specialized experience, competencies, knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or traits, write better vacancy announcements, and prepare effective assessment plans that measure applicants’ abilities. This course covers both OPM’s requirements and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. This course is part of the Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources Management.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct an effective job analysis, consistent with legal and regulatory requirements, that identifies the major duties of a position
  • Use the results of the job analysis to identify and refine the competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform the work of the position
  • Prepare operational definitions of competencies
  • Develop appropriate applicant assessment and selection criteria
  • Develop plans based on training, education and experience to effectively measure applicants’ abilities to do the work
  • Consider other assessment methods


Day 1 of 3
  1. Introduction
  2. Course Overview
  3. Administrative Details
  4. Legal and Regulatory Requirements for Job Analysis
  5. Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures
  6. Civil Rights Act of 1964
  7. Code of Federal Regulations
  8. Conducting a Job Analysis
  9. Identifying Major Duties
  10. Brainstorming KSAs
  11. Analyzing KSAs
  12. Defining KSAs in Observable Behaviors
Day 2 of 3
  1. Developing a Training and Experience Rating Guide
  2. Writing Operational Definitions
  3. Generating Task Examples
  4. Writing Level Definitions
  5. Using a Training and Experience Rating Guide to Rate Applications
  6. Assigning accurate point levels
  7. Avoiding Artificial Ratings
Day 3 of 3
  1. Analyzing a Position
  2. Workshop
  3. Issues and Options
  4. Alternative Rating Procedures
  5. Course Summary and Evaluation