International Contracting and Negotiations

The realities of entering into and managing a contract with foreign firms and governments
Practical lessons-learned, Traps to avoid, Check-lists of “must-do” actions and T&Cs

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Course Description

This interactive and practical course will explain how international contracting is different from domestic contracting and what new challenges you can expect when contracting offshore. We will learn how to anticipate and prepare for key issues and conflicts that arise in entering and managing contractual relationships with foreign firms and governments. This course will explore the important provisions that govern international contractual relationships. It is an interactive, case-study oriented course which will address make-or-break topics such as Force Majeure events, Foreign Corrupt Practices, drafting contract clauses such as changes, terminations, payment, shipping and transportation, disputes, international arbitration and litigation, liquidated damages, assignment of contracts, and other legal considerations. We will also address the techniques applicable to the successful negotiation of contracts in a cross-cultural environment.

Topics to be covered include

  • What laws govern international contracts and projects
  • The Cultural aspects so important to successful international contracting
  • The risks associated with contracting offshore
  • How to draft workable international contract clauses
  • How to manage international contracts in the post-award phase
  • How to manage changes, disputes and terminations in international contracts

Recent student evaluations of this instructor include

  • Very informative, will strongly recommend this course to my co-workers. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the material was excellent.
  • Excellent Instructor! I wished this was a two-week course. Stories and illustrations were easy to understand and very well organized.
  • Ralph was great!! Very knowledgeable!! Great class. I learned a lot and will use it forever!!
  • What add'l topics or GTI courses would you like to see offered? "EVERYTHING. GREAT INSTRUCTOR!!!"
  • Ralph was excellent! I love the references (he) used during his career. He has a strong command of contracting processes and procedures!

Course Schedule

  • Registration begins at 8:00 am
  • Class begins at 8:30am
  • Class ends at 4:30pm
  • There are several 10-15 minute breaks throughout the day.
  • Lunch generally begins at 12:00pm and lasts approximately 1 hour