Federal Position Management

(2 day course)

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Course Description

A 2-day training on how to use position management tools, techniques and methods to develop the "most efficient organization". Learn how to identify and correct the following problems: fragmentation, layering unnecessary positions, narrow supervisor to employee ratio, job dilution, missing career ladders, workforce inconsistencies and inconsistent position descriptions. Obtain a solid understanding of the role of position management in succession planning and competitive sourcing.


  • Define position management and discuss its historical impact on agency programs
  • Discuss the impact of organizational mission on position design
  • Describe how organizational structures and common patterns of assigning duties affect position design
  • Summarize the symptoms associated with common position management problems and how to resolve them
  • Identify and apply the appropriate staffing and classification tools necessary to deal with position management issues
  • Discuss the various agency roles and responsibilities in the position management process
  • Discuss the relationship between effective position management planning and the A-76 process

Who should attend

Day 1 of 2
  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Overview of Position Management
  • Definition & History of Position Management
  • Position Management Basics
  • Defining Organizational Mission and Goals
  • Organizational Design vs. Position Management
  • Organizational Structures
  • Balancing Outside Forces
  • Common Patterns of Assigning Duties
  • Effective Position Management Planning
  • Define Position Management Problems
  • Recognize Weaknesses
  • Identify Symptoms and Solutions
  • Define Position Purpose
  • Evaluate Position Structure
  • Position Management Tools

Day 2 of 2
  • Position Management Tools (cont'd)
  • Position Management and Classification
  • General rules For Mixed Grade & Mixed Series Positions
  • Leader Work
  • Putting It All Together
  • Position Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Who Plays A Part?
  • Delegations of Authority
  • Position Management and Competitive Outsourcing
  • Background: Competitive Outsourcing
  • Most Efficient Organization
  • Overview of Commercial Studies

Who should attend

Human Resource Specialists, management and program analysts, supervisors, managers and team leaders who are responsible for increasing work unit efficiency.