EEO UPDATE: Essentials For The Federal Workplace

EEO - GINA - No FEAR - Reasonable Accommodation - Workplace Civility

New Laws - New Federal Policies

Available in Employees and Managers Versions
One Day Overview

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Developing the Positive, Healthy & Safe Workplace

Course Description

This fast-paced, highly interactive training program for federal Managers and Employees provides updates in EEO law, trends in federal programming, and new procedures and strategies for creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace.

New laws such as GINA, the Genetic Information Protection Law is combined with new insights into discrimination, No FEAR (Whistleblower changes), and Reasonable accommodation (ADA). In light of today's emphasis on Inclusion, Civility, Professionalism, Bullying, Retaliation and other concerns, this workshop is a MUST for ALL employees.

Training is available locally in the DC area, nationally and internationally, as needed. GTI has successfully trained over 2,500 federal employees and managers in 2012 on these topics. We have the staff, current training materials, feedback from this year's training and proven performance.

GTI uses its Active*Learn (TM) training methodology to conduct all trainings. This consists of getting the student actively involved in their learning through group exercises, break-out sessions and open Q&A. Student learning and retention are enhanced and the students enjoy the experience.

Training Course Topics

Introduction and Welcome
Agency Policy - Providing the Tools to Enable a Healthy Work Environment for All

  • Module One: Respect in the Workplace
  • Module Two: Prevention of Workplace Harassment
  • Module Three: GINA and its impact on the federal workplace
  • Module Four: No FEAR Act
  • Module Five: Accommodation & ADA

Wrap-up: What to do... if