Disputes & Terminations
Protect Your Rights – Understand Your Obligations

For Government and Government Contractors - 3 days - 24 CLPS

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About this course

A comprehensive, three day course covering the significant contractual remedies to which the parties may avail themselves under a federal contract. In-depth treatment of the termination for convenience and termination for default provisions of FAR Part 49, as well as insightful treatment of the claims process in federal contracting. Emphasis on appropriate entitlement measurements on claims, termination settlement proposals, and requests for equitable adjustments.

Partial List of Takeaways

  • How to identify the proper bases for default terminations
  • How to avoid or minimize the risk of termination for default
  • Understand appropriate defenses and challenges upon default termination
  • Understand the Government decision to and process for terminations for convenience
  • How to submit winning termination settlement proposals that maximize entitlements
  • Gain awareness of appropriate circumstances under which to assert claims or request equitable adjustments
  • Insight as to how claims and requests for adjustments should be priced
  • Understand the formal claims process versus alternate disputes processes