Book Review: Critical Infrastructure Protection - Water

Critical Infrastructure Protection – WATER - is a handbook in two volumes designed to assist water utility and resource managers and operators as well as emergency management and other relevant officials develop, enhance and implement effective security programs. The handbook covers water treatment facilities, wastewater systems, dams and reservoirs and watershed management.

Based on GTI’s unique Integrated Physical Security five-step process, the handbook sets out how to conduct detailed vulnerability assessments in order to develop effective security and emergency response plans to cover all eventualities.

Immediate and long-term solutions to vulnerabilities and risks exposed during the assessment are provided as well as templates for writing and enacting your emergency response plans. There are detailed sections on roles and responsibilities, internal and external communications – when to go public, what to disclose and what not to say – and responses to both man-made and natural events.

Once you have identified your facility’s vulnerabilities and determined what level of threat they pose, you can develop a plan to eliminate the threat or at least, mitigate its impact – volume one. Volume two explains what system hardening options are available to you, how and where they can be implemented

and what you should know about them. Maintaining potable water supplies is perhaps the most vital element of the nation’s critical infrastructure and protecting these resources is a daunting challenge. This comprehensive handbook explains what must be done and how best to do it. It is an essential read for everyone involved in this sector or tasked with protecting public safety and health.

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