Basic Staffing

(3 day course)

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Course Description

A 3 day course presenting skills, techniques, and best practices, for recruiting and hiring the right people with the right skills for your jobs. Staffing options, rules, regulations and procedures are covered. Participants learn recruitment methods, qualifications, merit promotion, "in-service" placement actions, and much more.


  • Identify available appointment options and appropriate authorities and procedures
  • Research and understand appropriate sections of the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Conduct basic job analysis
  • Identify minimum qualification requirements
  • Inform applicants and employees about staffing procedures and regulations
  • Use OPM's Qualification Standards Handbook
  • Research resource and reference materials

Agenda/Outline - 3 Days

Day 1 of 3
  • Administrative Details, Introductions & Pre Test
  • Course Overview & Introduction to Staffing in the Federal Government
  • Historical Perspective -- Birth of the Merit System
  • Regulatory Framework – Researching Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Merit System Principles –Employment Policies and Practices
  • Prohibited Personnel Practices—Employment Policies and Practices
  • Identifying Prohibited Practices in the Workplace
  • Trends in Government – Non-Permanent
  • Employment/Contractors
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Identifying Your Customers
  • Customer Service Techniques
  • Role-Play Active Listening in the Customer Service Process

Day 2 of 3
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Building a Recruitment Plan
  • Gathering Information for Your Recruitment Plan
  • Identifying Appointment Types and Sources
  • Job Analysis and Major Job Requirements (MJR)
  • KSAs – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Defined
  • Selective Placement Factors (SPFs)
  • Crediting Plans
  • Other Assessment Tools
  • Recruiting
  • Legal Authority
  • Competitive vs. Non-Competitive MPP Procedures
  • Veterans’ Preference in Appointments
  • Eligibility and Types of Preferences
  • Area of Consideration

Day 3 of 3
  • Recruitment Sources
  • Delegated Examining
  • Suggested Recruitment Options
  • Vacancy Announcements
  • Assessing Applicants
  • Ranking and Referring Candidates
  • Ranking and Preparing Merit Promotional Referrals
  • Order of Consideration
  • Veteran’s Preference Requirements
  • Applying the Rule of Three
  • Completing the Selection Process
  • Interviewing
  • Making an Offer of Employment
  • Effecting Actions For Current or Previous Federal Employees
  • Maintain Records and Case Files
  • Completing the Request for Personnel Actions
  • Summary and Closeout

Who should attend

Human Resource Specialists, assistants, clerks and others, such as supervisors, managers and EEO staff members, who need knowledge about current staffing procedures.