Basic Position Classification

(5 day course)

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Course Description

A 5 day training program focusing on the General Schedule, this training program provides participants with a comprehensive knowledge of fundamental polices, practices, principles, and complex issues addressed in the area of position classification. Topics covered include, the structure and operation of the General Schedule System; the General Schedule Supervisory and General Schedule Leader Guides; development and preparation of position descriptions and evaluation statements; application of various job family standards and classification guides; the classification of mixed series and grade positions; and conduct of desk audits. The course provides foundational knowledge required of today’s successful human resources practitioner.


  • Discuss the Nature of Job Evaluation
  • Describe the Structure and Operation of the General Schedule System
  • Select and Apply GS Narrative and FES Classification Standards
  • Use a Variety of Methods for Occupational and Job Data Collection
  • Structure and Critique a Job Audit
  • Prepare Position Descriptions in a Variety of Formats
  • Prepare Evaluation Statements for a Variety of Situations
  • Describe the Classification Appeals Process
  • Classify Mixed Positions, Using a Variety of Classification Standards and Guides
  • Select and Apply Job-Grading Standards Using the Federal Wage System

Agenda/Outline -5 day

Day 1 of 5
  • Introduction to Position Classification in the Federal Government
  • Legal framework and regulatory basis
  • Current Structure of the General Schedule System
  • Components of the General Schedule System
  • Position Management and its role in Position Classification
  • Definition of Position Management
  • The Role of Supervisors in Organization Design and Position Management
  • Position Management as it Relates to Other Staff Functions
  • General Schedule System – Narrative Standards
  • Narrative Classification Standards
  • Format of General Schedule Classification Standards
  • Classifying Positions Using Narrative Standards/Guides

Day 2 of 5
  • General Schedule System – Factor Evaluation System
  • Tools of the FES
  • FES Classification Standards
  • FES Classification Process
  • Classifying Positions Using FES Standards/Guides

Day 3 of 5
  • General Schedule Leader Grade Evaluation Guide
  • Distinction Between Managers, Supervisors and Leaders
  • Criteria for Leader Positions
  • Overview of GSLGEG
  • Application of GSLGEG
  • General Schedule Supervisory Guide
  • Overview of GSSG
  • Application of the GSSG

Day 4 of 5
  • Mixed Series/Grade Position and Positions for Which There are no Applicable Classification Standards
  • Rules and Guidance for Classifying Mixed Series/Grade Positions
  • Procedures for Classifying Position for Which There are no Applicable Classification Standards
  • Writing Position Descriptions/Evaluation Statements
  • OPM’s requirements
  • Who writes position descriptions
  • Contents of a position description
  • Purpose of evaluation statements
  • Formats and contents of evaluation statements

Day 5 of 5
  • Classification Appeals
  • What Can and Cannot be Addressed in a Classification Appeal
  • The Classification Appeal Process
  • Desk Audits/Information Gathering
  • How to Prepare and Conduct a Desk Audit
  • Federal Wage System
  • Overview of the Federal Wage System
  • The Approach to Classifying Jobs in the Federal Wage System

Who should attend

Human Resource Specialists or others who have been Delegated Position Classification Authority.