Basic Pay Setting

(2 day course)

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Course Description

A 2-day course, providing basic knowledge for setting pay for General Schedule employees, incorporating the May 2005 changes in pay administration.


To acquire the knowledge necessary to set pay for GS employees, this course covers pay-setting for hiring and retaining new employees (appointments, reinstatements, reemployment, transfers and conversion, highest previous rate, maximum payable rate), promotions, changes to lower grade, pay changes (within-grade and quality step increases), movement between pay systems, grade and pay retention, and severance pay.


This course incorporates OPM's interim regulations, Changes to Pay Administration Rules for General Schedule Employees. Participants learn to set pay on a variety of actions including:
  • New appointments, including superior qualifications appointments;
  • Reinstatements, reassignments, transfers;
  • Promotions, changes to lower grade;
  • Pay changes, including within-grade and quality step increases; and
  • Pay Changes (WIGIs, QSIs).

Who should attend

Human Resource Specialists responsible for setting GS and WG pay