Adverse and Performance-Based Actions

(4 day course)

Note: Suggested topics listed below. Course can be tailored to address specific GSA classification issues.

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Learn to prepare or decide adverse actions or performance-based actions. Before taking adverse and performance-based actions against employees, learn to meet rigid penalty and proof standards of cause set by third parties that review removals, suspensions, demotions and furloughs. Explore disciplinary and non-disciplinary causes; unusual cause situations, such as medical problems or off-duty conduct; penalty factors; issues of proof; and pre-action investigations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine whether an action requires adverse action or unacceptable performance action procedures
  • Decide when an adverse action or unacceptable performance action is justified
  • Determine if enough proof is available to take an action
  • List relevant factors in assessing penalties
  • Follow the correct procedures in taking either of the two actions


Day 1 of 4
  • The legal framework
  • Adverse action jurisdiction
Day 2 of 4
  • Adverse action causes
  • Issues of proof
Day 3 of 4
  • Determining the penalty
  • Adverse action procedures
Day 4 of 4
  • Performance-based actions
  • Appeals and grievances