Market Research

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This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

This training workshop is recommended for 16 Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) toward DAWIA, FAC-C and FAC-P/PM requirements. For information on fulfilling core, elective and continuous learning requirements, Click here to view OMB Policy Letter.

Course Description

Like the technology purchased, the field of procurement is rapidly changing. Keeping up with the changes is, in large part, the purpose of this seminar. More and more, federal agencies are beginning to operate as businesses. In this context, the timely and effective gathering and use of market data for purchasing becomes even more essential to doing procurement effectively. This two-day seminar will present a “lifecycle” approach to market research as currently utilized and augment the information with application to E-commerce using the Internet, commercial contracting and streamlined negotiated procurement. This class counts toward the FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM Certification.

Major topics help participants

  • Greater ability to choose & use appropriate market research techniques
  • Increased facility to formulate source lists and achieve favorable industry interaction
  • Stronger capability in using market research techniques for purchasing commercial items a la FAR, Parts 10 & 12
  • Know how to do market surveys for noncompetitive buys and use past performance to select contractors
  • Better prepare for contract administration

Partial List of Take Aways

  • Know the pros and cons of doing Market Research
  • Hand out a series of resources in order to obtain market information
  • Have templates explaining what buys to do when (open market, schedule, small business, single source, and so forth)
  • Use checklists to find out when and how to use collected information
  • Do case studies to realize better ways of sharing market results
  • Explore the various times in the acquisition lifecycle to use market research
  • Example Attendees Include

    • Program/Project Management Personnel
    • Contracting Officers
    • CORs and COTRs
    • Procurement Specialists/Analysts
    • Financial Managers

    Course Highlights

    • List of spending traps to avoid
    • Practical exercises – learn by doing
    • All courses taught in our professionally equipped training center with ergonomic seating.