So, You Want to Be Promoted
Excelling as a Public Sector Manager

Practical , Real World Training for Tomorrow’s Leaders.
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Course Description

The most powerful people in any functional organization are those who inhabit the middle ranks. Supervisors and mid-level managers are the lynchpins of the organization, holding the top and bottom of the agency together while advancing it forward. As if this isn’t enough responsibility, managing in a bureaucracy comes with its own unique challenges; team complacency, entrenched and protracted processes, dysfunctional communication mechanisms, longstanding non-productive conflicts, and morale malaise, to name a few. How will you, as a new supervisor or manager distinguish your work area from all the others?

You believe you are ready for increased responsibility, authority and salary that come with a promotion, but are you really? Leadership is part art, part science. Getting work done through other people is a tricky endeavor at best.

- Do you know how to artfully and effectively address the challenges that leading in a bureaucracy pose?
- Are you prepared to assume a power position in your agency or company?
- Have you cultivated a “promotable image” that will not only allow you to win the promotion, but be viewed with respect as you assume your new position?

Attend and discover how to rapid ramp up your management career in an environment of measured change as you hit the ground running in your new leadership role.

Major Topics

  • Character Driven Management: Do You Have the Right Stuff?
  • Bringing Your A-Game: Honing Efficient Work Habits in Self and Others
  • Structuring a Performance Focused Team: Goals, Roles and Standards
  • Coaching to Cultivate Team and Individual Talent
  • Conflict: Promoting the Productive Kind and Killing the Destructive Kind
  • Connecting Your Team to the Greater Organization
  • Strategic Thinking: Designing Plans, Making Decisions, Solving Problems
  • Mastering the Tools of the Trade: SWOT, Force Field, Reflected Best and More
  • Leveraging Team Diversity to Spur Creativity and Productivity
  • Making the Best Use of Team Time and Technology
  • Managing Up: Perfecting the Lynchpin Role

Who Should Attend?

  • Government employees in the GS 9 to GS 13 range that have an interest in becoming a supervisor or manager in the future
  • Those who are in charge of current succession planning efforts
  • Seasoned managers and supervisors who wish to refresh their skills and enthusiasm for the job or mentor more junior staff
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone who aspires to an accelerated, upwardly aimed career path

Course Highlights

  • Assess your own character using the 23 Leadership Character Traits
  • Assess again to look at your organizational skills and efficiency propensities
  • Receive a template to track team accountability from concept to result
  • 20 tips to excel as a performance coach
  • A primer on effective use of conflict as a motivator
  • 10 strategies to strongly connect your team to the greater organization
  • Logic Modeling: A practical schematic for planning and evaluating projects and programs
  • Templates for common management models used to assist your team in problem solving, decision making, morale building and relationship management
  • How to stay out of trouble - traps to avoid
  • How to create your own "management development checklist
  • 15 tips for leveraging team diversity
  • Table of team time wasters to avoid or remediate
  • A responsible approach to managing your manager